T-Lite is a leading telecommunications and technology company, offering a full range of communications services across all business markets from small to medium sized businesses to corporate and enterprise customers. In Australia, T-Lite chose to exclusively partner with Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider.

Telstra provides services to over 17.4 million mobile services, 6.8 million fixed voice services and 3.5 million retail fixed broadband services in Australia.

We believe the more connected people are, the more opportunities they have. Opportunity belongs to connected businesses, governments, communities and individuals.

Telstra’s continual investment in infrastructure has enabled Telstra to shape technology and content solutions that are simple and easy to use, including Australia’s largest and fastest national mobile network providing double the coverage footprint of its nearest competitor.

At T-Lite, we strive to serve and know our customers better than anyone else – offering a choice of not just digital mobile connection, but ICT and cloud solutions. We aim to help you manage costs across your telecommunications services by matching you to the right solution to increase efficiency and productivity and stay within budget.

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Billy Pech

Managing Director

For over 15 years, Billy has worked closely with CEOs, CFOs and CIOs throughout Australia to help them take advantage of the opportunities that technology creates for business improvement, specialising in helping executives run their businesses better in terms of meeting growth targets, improving operational efficiency, and bringing ICT solutions that give a competitive edge.

Billy’s extensive knowledge across leading SME and Enterprise clients has brought IT executives together to collaborate on solutions that will bring organisation-wide benefits with experience that spans across Australia’s biggest carriers. With T-lite we dedicate our experience, history, and networks to enable procurement teams to deliver and achieve measurable business outcomes.